2020-21 Return to School Plan and Survey

Dear WSGD Family,

Please click here to view the WGSD Return to School Planning Guide that includes important details regarding our safe return to school, additional information regarding the Draft Educational Programming Model, and a preliminary list of FAQs. To support our planning and implementation efforts, we need each family to complete this important survey to answer family- and student-specific questions related to the upcoming year and to provide feedback regarding the WGSD Return to School Plan.     

This survey also provides families with the opportunity to declare if any of their children will participate in the K-12 WGSD Virtual Program. We ask that you please complete this survey by July 26th. In order to finalize the district’s programming plans, especially as it relates to staffing, it’s essential to know the minimum number of students who will participate in the K-12 WGSD Virtual Program (100% online program).  Since staffing decisions will be made based on the students participating, we’re requiring students to continue in the K-12 WGSD Virtual Program until the end of the first semester. Not opting into the WGSD Virtual Program will place your child in the District Responsive Learning Plan for the start of the year (pg 14 in the Return to School Planning Guide).

We appreciate your continued support and flexibility as we look to support the well-being of our community’s children and care for all to the greatest extent possible in 2020-21!

Take care,


Parent/Caregiver Survey: https://forms.gle/Ecoihw39b95KNPCL6

Return to School Plan: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fCjifBWFYoqqeAXgnEPhevsY6pbQhUZX/view?usp=sharing