WGSD – May 1

Dear WGSD Family,

In the WGSD, we are extremely blessed to have an extraordinarily competent and caring group of adults working with our children each and every day.  Today is Principal Appreciation Day and next week is Teacher Appreciation Week.  I would strongly encourage you to reach out to the teachers and principals in your children’s lives who, in the past or present, see and support your children for the beautiful and brilliant people they are.  Let them hear again or for the first time, the impact of the care, attention and skill on your children and family.   As someone who is in his 25th year in this business, I can assure you that a simple note or voice mail from you would mean the world – now more than ever due to the challenges each is facing at work and at home.

Thank you teachers and thank you principals!

With gratitude,




What follows is my weekly message to students, followed by recognition of last week’s winners of the student challenge and an introduction of this week’s challenge!  Please share it with your children!

Thanks to Susan Bergman, our math coordinator, for this week’s challenge in which I will be racing students during our weekly Math Virtual Races!  While I’ll be participating in the Multiplication “Tractor Competition” from 11:00 – 11:30 am this Wednesday, students can engage in other fun games using their addition, subtraction or division skills.  Click on the following flyer for more information: www.bit.ly/WGmathraces.  Please let me know if your child participated using the email address below!


To check out the creative and fun videos submitted by students and families last week, please see the video below!  A donation of $50 will be made to the Webster-Rock Hill Ministries in honor of last week’s participants.


If your child(ren) participates in the Virtual Math Race this week, please:

  • email his/her/their name to simpson.john@wgcloud.org by 3 p.m. on Thursday, May 7, and
  • know that donations related to the challenge will not come from district funds.



District Meal Program:  Click here to learn more about the district’s “Grab and Go” breakfast and lunch meal program, free to all children between the ages of 0-18.

Family Meal Support: The Webster-Rock Hill Ministries is providing food to families in need.  Call (961-5082) or stop by during regular business hours (9 – 12 pm, Monday – Friday)

Regional Food and Emotional Well-Being Support: Click here to access a variety of free, regional resources.

Discussing COVID-19 and Death with Children: For support talking to children about things related to COVID-19, including the death of people they know, please access a variety of resources on our COVID-19, “Tips to Talking to Children” web page by clicking here.