Recent Hate Crimes

Dear WGSD Family,

I’m struggling to find the right words to express my emotions regarding the hate-filled murders of eleven people in the synagogue in Pittsburgh and the two people in a grocery in Kentucky.  My thoughts and prayers are with their loved ones and everyone directly impacted by these heinous acts.

Also weighing greatly on my heart and mind are the children and adults of this school community and the effect these acts have on them – in isolation as well as cumulative.  Beyond that, I’m thinking even more deeply about those who can directly identify with those murdered based on the religion or race they share.

While I believe thoughts and prayers are good, those alone won’t change everyone’s hearts, make organizations equitable, or stop such acts which seem to be occurring with greater frequency.  I implore each of us to not just denounce hate, but to actively work to confront and eliminate it. While one can, and should, denounce hate in a moment, the deconstruction of systems that oppress and marginalize requires an intentional, thoughtful and sustained commitment.  The WGSD will continue to work with students, families and community and regional partners to create an educational environment where every person feels valued and respected through every layer of the organization, and where no child or adult is marginalized.  Everyone is deserving of such dignity and care!